Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Waterloo Regional Police won't release alleged speed of GO bus driver charged with speeding in Cambridge on Monday

According to Waterloo Regional Police's website, the following report was released:

Incident #: WA14204769
Publish Date: Sep 8, 2014
Incident Date: Sep 8, 2014
At approximately 9:00am on the 8th September 2014 Waterloo Regional Police Traffic officers were conducting speed enforcement on Beaverdale Road near Hunt Club Road in the City of Cambridge. Officers observed a GO Transit double decker bus loaded with passengers travelling westbound on Beaverdale Road which appeared to be driving in excess of the 50km/h limit. Police initiated a traffic stop and charged the driver with speeding. Waterloo Regional Police encourage all drivers to obey the posted speed limit, for their own safety, the safety of their passengers and the safety of other road users.

This incident was reported by several media outlets including the The Record and CTV News. This stretch of road runs 80 km/hr in some parts, according to bus drivers familiar to the route, and then will drop to 50 km/hr in some stretches.

It's unfortunate this may have happened, but why is this news?

The Route 25 bus was operating between Mississauga and Waterloo. It was delayed 15 minutes by police and arrived 10 minutes late at its destination, said Mark Ostler, GO spokesperson in a report to The incident is under investigation, he said.


Squiggles said...

I am having a bit of an issue with that last paragraph. It looks like the bus driver was still speeding if he was delayed 15 mins by police but was only 10 mins late getting to the destination.

C.J. Smith said...

In the land of GO, many ask, "What is math?"

Squiggles said...

True enough. Often it seems as if their equations equal purple.

Anonymous said...

It's a stupid road. It's a 50 in a stretch which is not in a City area, it's rural, middle of buck f%#k Idaho! It's the back road for when the 401 is blocked.
It's a cash cow for WRPS.
Not sure how fast he could really go. Rail crossing near the bottom of it too!

Anonymous said...

Gee, doesn't the WRPS have anything better to do than to stop a speeding GO bus.

Cops these days, dont really target public transit vehicles for traffic stops given that cops can ride public transit for free by showing a badge. Unless its really serious (i.e impaired driving) they usually brush it off though

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking he may of been pushing 80-90, especially if he was going downhill & entered the 50 Zone without slowing. If that's the case it's justifiable.