Friday, September 26, 2014

We were doing great til she whacked her head

Jayde and I are headed into work together and this afternoon we're off to Ripleys Aquarium.

She wanted to sit on the top level of the Double Decker bus and I obliged and the ride went swimmingly until it was time to alight. We were in the suicide seats and as Jayde got up, she whacked her head against the monitor (awesome design placement by the way). It sounded awful and sounded like it hurt.

My kid, for some reason, always puts on a brave face. I don't know if it's part of her autism disorder but she's never been a crier.  But this morning, she couldn't hold it in.

Bus driver D. was very sweet, trying to make her laugh while I coaxed her off the bus. She and I  hugged it out on the platform with more snot and tears. I felt really bad.

Here we are before it all went south.


Bicky said...

Have fun at the Aquarium!

Peter said...

What a lovely photo. Have an awesome time at the aquarium!

Sylv said...

Ouch! Hope she's feeling better and it didn't cause a lingering headache. On the other hand, have a great time!!

Jules said...

I hope you and your daughter have a great day, great picture of mother and daughter.

Anonymous said...

The Aquarium rocks. Her headache will soon be forgotten ;)

George said...

I did the same thing and cracked my forehead on the damn monitor. I was tempted to rip it down after that. I did however change the viewing angle quite a bit.
No more suicide seats for me on the things.

The anger went away after we got off the bus in Niagara and I won 1200 in the casino in 20 minutes. :)

C.J. Smith said...

She's got a bump but loved the aquarium!