Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another "What do I do?" moment

In late August, a reader texted me asking my opinion about confronting another passenger about a visible poop stain on her pants. I told that person to say nothing. I also didn't want to see a photo. The person obliged.

Today, I received another text asking for my opinion on an incident a fellow passenger witnessed in the Whitby GO parking lot.

Apparently I'm the f*cking Ann Flanders of GO commuting. These poor sods don't have anywhere else to turn! I suggest purchasing a Magic 8-ball. Mine seems to have all the answers.

Becky sent the following text at 7:57 am this morning (9054420352). Apparently Becky works for some archaic telegram service because she wrote me like she was sending me bad news circa World War II.

Hey... Am at Whitby lot... Saw man running... Bag caught on car side mirror... Cracked it... It's hanging... Guy just kept running... What to do!? ... Should leave note?

Dammit, girl. Just go catch the damn train. If I had told you to leave a note, what would it say? "Tall, white man. Black bag. Mid-30s. Broke your mirror. Call me to discuss".

That describes nearly the whole town of Whitby.

On your way home tonight, if the car is still there, leave a note telling the owner you'll try to find the guy.

If you see the dude tomorrow, hand him an invoice for what you think the repair would cost. Then take his photo and make a whole bunch of WANTED posters back at the office. Post them around the station until he gives in and waits for you under a lamp post in some dark corner in the parking lot and slips you some bills.

Good luck!

Honestly? Shits and giggles aside, that's a pretty shitty thing for someone to do. That person is accountable for his actions and hopefully does the right thing when he heads home tonight by finding the car he damaged and leaving his number with an offer to pay for the repair.

Better do it dude, Becky's watching you.

Here's what my Magic 8-ball had to say when I asked if the guy will pay for the mirror.


Kelly said...

Better not be my car!

Becky said...

Now I'm paranoid about how I write text messages! Thanks!

C.J. Smith said...

Hi Becky,
Don't be. I had a lot of fun with your topic and I've been told I'm not sarcastic enough or don't really show enought "bite" in how I relay submissions, so you were my guinea pig.

I plan on introducing a Magic 8-ball moment in future posts. I have to figure out how to make it sustainable and funny.

TomW said...

Damn, I match that description!

Cindy said...

I'd rather receive Becky's type of message than the ones with all the random letters that seem to be all the rage!!