Thursday, October 7, 2010

A big fat thank you to the jerk who busted my car

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Gather round folks, tuck yourself into a quad or two. Be sure to remove your shoes and snuggle up on the seat because this gem of scumbaggery comes from reader Martina N.
Hi there! Love your blog and thought I would share a story for you. A bit of a shout out if you will.

Last night (Oct. 6) I got back to my car at the Oshawa GO station parking lot and from a distance I noticed a piece of paper on my windshield and assumed it was an ad. Then I got front bumper was hanging off my car and a piece of it was lying in the spot next to mine! My jaw dropped. I stared for a minute before I grabbed the paper. I assumed it was from the person who did it, but it was not. It was from my new favourite anonymous person (people?) who had witnessed the guy parked beside me hitting my car and leaving. He/she had left a description of the vehicle (I actually remembered seeing it when I got there in the morning) and a license plate number. The police confirmed that the plate information was correct. He is from out of town, so it might take a few days to track him down, but they are on the job. I just wanted to thank my anonymous hero and give an F you to the jerk who couldn't be bothered to leave a note! I guess for every crazy person, there is a good person to help even things out.


Andrae Griffith said...

This happened to my mom not too long ago. It took the police three weeks to track the guy down, but they eventually found him.

The funniest part was that after the claim was filed and the car was fixed the man called begging us not to go through insurance.

Martina said...

LOL That guy either has some huge balls or is extremely dumb. I'm glad to hear they found him though! I'm still waiting for a call from just about everyone. At least I got a cute rental in the meantime!