Monday, October 4, 2010

Are we riding on a traaaAAAIIINNN? On a traaaAAACCCKKK?

This morning, there was a boy about 7 riding into Toronto with his mother. True, this young lad spoke at a volume best suited for a bar on a night when a live band is playing, but was it not obvious he had some "issues"?

Perhaps I pick up on this faster than others because I have a sister who is developmentally-delayed. But I totally get how annoying it was that he ended every sentence that was a question by drawing out the last word and in a higher decibel. Yeah, that got old pretty quick.

It didn't help that his mother was encouraging him by having him talk to his dad on her Blackberry for most of the train ride.

This is probably not a daily jaunt for them so she wasn't wise to how the mornings 'go' on a train.

It's 40 minutes many won't get back but at least it's not a daily assault.


TomW said...

This may be harsh, but if you're able to ask questions like taht and understand the answers, you should be able to understand the instruction to speak just a bit quieter.

Gary said...

I was standing near the doors. Heard this as well. Annoying as all hell. The mother never once told the kid to keep it down. Just because he's special in whatever way doesn't mean he can't have good manners or at least be taught. He was able to talk normally but did that weird drawn out voice when he asked questions. Sometimes you have to wonder if parents only encourage the problems.