Monday, October 25, 2010

Mail Bag


I'd like to address comments made in a post where you blasted people for being late for the train. It's not my fault that my usual route I take to the Oshawa station is closed because Townline is being widened which now forces me to sit in traffic. I did also change the time I leave and it's still taking me close to 30 minutes to get to the train. So what do you suggest I do? Leave even earlier? I'm also a mother with 3 small kids and I have to do daycare dropoff for all 3 and sometimes I wait to park because I can't drop them off earlier than 7. So I appreciate it when the train people hold the train at Oshawa one to 2 minutes past departure so hard working mothers like me to can get on.It's not like trains run every 10 minutes. So climb down your high horse, stop being a bitch and realize there are people who make every effort possible to be on time!

Erin L.


C.J. Smith said...

Hi Erin

You didn't say which train you try to catch but if it's the 7:21 and if you're dropping kids off at 7 and you're still north of Taunton, there's no way you're catching the train even without traffic. This means you're always getting to the station at the last possible minute. I don't have any advice for you. I used to drop my daughter off at Taunton and Mary for daycare at 7:30 am and then would catch what was the 7:55 and even that was cutting it close because the Stevenson/401 exchange was being built at the time and Bloor was one lane. So it always took 20 minutes with 4-5 minutes to park and then run for the train. Eventually I started taking Highway 2 to Thickson and came south from there and drove East on Bloor. When I did that, I always made the train.

If you're taking the 7:53, there are alternate routes. From Townline, go north to Conlin and then west to Ritson Road. Turn right onto Adelaide and then left onto Park Road. Try to avoid as much of Bloor as you can. Picking Bloor up from Park is what I do. I never have traffic issues. It may sound strange to go north to come south but why fight traffic? Go around it. So, now with this solution and even with daycare drop off, 53 minutes is more than enough time to drive to Conlin, over to Ritson, down to Adelaide, over to Park and along Bloor to the station.


Todd said...

If the 7:53 is always going to wait 2 minutes for late comers then it isn't the 7:53 anymore. If they made it the 7:55, you'd still get people running for the train. The departure time is the departure time, no exceptions.

If I'm late for the train I accept my fate and take the next one. If you ask people to give you 2 minutes it not just your 2 minutes, it's 2 minutes for each person on the train ie 2x1000 people =33 hours of lost productivity.

Anonymous said...

If you made every possible effort to be on would be on time.

gary said...

If you made every possible effort to be on would be on time.


Kelly said...

I'm stunned by the ludicrous self-centredness of Erin L. Trains are scheduled for a reason.

Anonymous said...

you are way too gracious when dealing with Erin. i would have told her to stuff it.

Erin L. said...

This CJ person or whatever is a vindictive self-rightwous cow.


I emailed you in PRIVATE. People on my train know me and can put one and one together.

I hope you feel good about yourself maybe that's why you need this site anyway because you have no friends!!!

chill now... said...

Clearly you suffer from delusions of self-entitlement as well as Elmer Fudd Syndwome.

If the people who ride the train with you are aware of your situation then anything you wrote should be of little surprise to them unless you never told them the reason why you're late and how you expect GO to hold the train for you.

Maybe they enjoy you making them be behind schedule but many of us don't.

If you made every effort to be on time, you wouldn't be writing such angry emails and leaving such nasty comments.

C.J. Smith said...

For someone who wanted to distance herself from the situation, writing a comment and then signing your own name wasn't the way to go about it.

It's all over the site that I will publish what I receive in email.

It's not a secret.

Cindy said...

As well, email is NOT private. Once you've put something out there in print -- it's out there forever.

Didn't your CIS people at work teach you that?

P.S. And really, "twit" as an insult went out with my grandma's generation.