Monday, October 18, 2010

The hunt for crazy

It didn't take long today on the 5:20 when a lady's cellphone woke almost everyone up at about 5:40.

I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one who didn't care to hear about what a rockstar this woman aims to be at work or how her boss can't get her shit together and tell her about meetings in advance of them happening, resulting in her having to book a rental car to get to Brampton tomorrow, but she can't because her corporate credit card is locked at the office and it's too late to call, and her sinuses are still bad (sniff!) and perhaps the person on the other end can lend her a car, because she doesn't even want to get started (sniff!) on how to explain what a horrible person her boss is, and how she aims to make everyday a living hell for her (sniff) and if the person can leave her car for her at 7:45 am to pick it up, or perhaps she can rent a car (sniffffff) and she can reimburse her, and she's, like, let me tell you what my boss is like, oh you don't... want... to... know...

But that's okay, you're going to subject us all to it on the train anyway.

(Sniff) and oh well she can talk to this person on the other end of the line more about this tonight and how she'll be in Brampton tomorrow morning for 9.

Well ... if you could talk to the person later about all this, then why the hell did you talk to this person about this on the train?

Gawd. Really.

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