Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pork tenderloin

There's nothing more entertaining (not really) than listening to other commuters discuss their Thanksgiving plans. It's also very apparent there are many families who can't seem to get their shit together when it comes to the holiday.

It comes every year. How can anyone not know whose house one is going to and vice versa?

Yesterday, a young woman riding next to me had a nuclear meltdown over trying to move dinner to Saturday. This morning an English chap spent 40 minutes discussing the pros and cons with his wife of moving dinner from Monday to Sunday.

But the best moment so far (I realize it's only Tuesday) about this weekend's upcoming festivities was a woman on the train last night who had a discussion with her husband on her cellphone just after we pulled out of Pickering. I'll call her Pork Tenderloin Lady or PTL for short.

PTL: Oh hi honey. It's me. I was thinking... remember that pork tenderloin we had about five or six years ago at Auntie Carol's?


PTL: What do you mean you don't remember? It was the dinner when Katy was there. What was that? 2004 or something... It was a lovely tenderloin and she had stuffed it with something ...


PTL: Katy is Auntie Carol's daughter. ... How can you not know that?!


PTL: I'm asking about that dinner to see if you remember the tenderloin.

(CJ says: Holy hell. I can't remember what I ate for lunch yesterday never mind some random dinner from five years ago...)


PTL: Anyway, it doesn't matter. Auntie Carol said she had gotten the recipe from Google. Are you near the computer? .... Well go to the computer!


PTL: That can wait. This is important. Type in pork tenderloin. Add the word stuffed after that.


PTL: Because I only want stuffed recipes.


PTL: Is anything coming back? ... Read me the first one.


PTL: I know there are a lot. Just read the first five or so.


PTL: I don't want to call Auntie Carol.


PTL: Because she probably won't remember.


TomW said...

I'm wondering what came before the line "That can wait. This is important"... maybe something like "honey, the fire truck's waiting for me".

Anonymous said...

lololololol @TomW

Gary said...

I like how people treat Google like it's a person.

Cindy said...


...luckily for me my husband would not only remember the dinner -- but who was there AND what they were wearing. This explains why I no longer have a memory -- I don't need one!

Poor PTL doesn't seem to have my luck!!

Jenn Jilks said...

Too bad you can't tape these! It'd be a hoot.