Thursday, October 21, 2010

No! No McDonald's on the train. It stinks! You shouldn't be eating that crap anyway. Here's why

The smell! Horrible, especially in the confines of a train.

Ever noticed that God-awful smell that spews out of those vents outside Union station, on the lower outside concourse on Bay Street, just south of Front? That's the vents for the McDonald's inside Union Station. For real. I bet your stomach just rolled over.

There's a video done by a New Yorker named Sally Davies who bought a McDonald's Happy Meal, left it uncovered on her table, and took a picture of it every day for 6 months. Guess what happened?

Watch the video.

That's what's festering in your stomach - fries and meat that don't decompose.

Ever found one in your car? In a seat cushion years later? You shouldn't be able to find one, ever.

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TomW said...

There's somethign about all fast food which smells bad on a train. It's not just MacDonalds or burgers, but KFC or pizza too. I don't know why, but it's true.

Personally, if I'm hungry, I get a chocolate brownnie from the stand at the back of the GO concourse, just by the exit to the AC centre. Very yummy.