Tuesday, October 26, 2010

If you lost some crazy, I found it

It didn't take much for me to connect this text message to this post about bringing in a necklace I found on a train Friday night into the GO Lost and Found at Union Station on Monday.

First Anna K. actually left a comment, then she texted me.

Here's what happened:

Anna: helo can u help me??? i lost my really expensive scarf on the train and would really like it back

hey, did u contact go?

Anna: what? i am. i'm telling you

but i'm not go

Anna: this is lost and found right?

if you've lost crazy, i've found it

Anna: what? i just want to know how i come get my scarf's a purple michael kors. i left it on the richmond hill 7:53 train but i can't remember what car i was sitting in

i think i got a comment from you earlier

Anna: what?

lady, listen to me, you have to contact go transit

Anna: are you not them?

no. how did you get this number?

Anna: from the lost and found website on google

i'm not the lost and found website but i do know i found some crazy

Anna: ok???

are you in front of a computer

Anna: yes

Anna: ok. i did. i have that up right now at work

look at the site real carefully, does it say go transit lost and found?

Anna: yes. i'm looking right at it


Anna: who is this?

i'm the person who runs that website

Anna: so you are the person who can help me with lost and found? or not???? i'm confused

sweetheart, you're writing to a blog about go train commuting


call go transit

Anna: fine. whatever. i hope you die.

excuse me? really? you're pissed because you found a blog post where i wrote about finding a woman's necklace and assumed that i was some kind of virtual lost and found when in the very beginning of this ridiculous exchange, i actually told you what to do and since i can't help you, you wish death on me?

Anna: i'm done with this

i'm not

Anna: i'm sorry i ever contacted you

that makes two of us


Anonymous said...

what you should have said was i definitely have your scarf and made good use of it in the bathroom this morning at union station. i tell ya, that taco bell, it's a killer. you're more than welcome to come get it. let me know where to meet you.

C.J. Smith said...

Gee. That wasn't gross at all.

Anonymous said...

Clearly not very bright.

Peter B said...
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Anonymous said...

wow.. Anna, how do you get through your day? I hope, for your sake, you're hot!