Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fandelerious. What? Like you don't make up your own words?

Text message from anonymous to 9054420352 tonight at 8:33pm

At first, I wasn't going to bore you all with the whole transcript but this person did ask a question that a lot people ask. This isn't an exciting exchange and contains no sex, explosive farting or obscenity.

All reading from henceforth is strictly voluntary so don't whine about the lack of funny or I'll shut the whole site down, pick up my ball and go home.

FAN: omg. you're site is hilarious.

thanks! i think you meant 'your' site

FAN: you mean your site


FAN: i love it

and i love it when people use perfect grammar!

FAN: oops. did i type something wrong?

yes, you said "you're" site

FAN: ohhhhh. my bad

FAN: grammer nazi!!!

what's a grammer nazi?

FAN: u don't know!? it's someone who is strict with spelling

guess i shouldn't mention you spelled grammar wrong

FAN: i did?!


FAN: don't make this awkward

why do you say that?

FAN: are you on the train now

as a matter of fact, yes

FAN: i'm at work

(long pause)

sooo... what's for dinner? anything interesting?

FAN: sorrry. my phone rang. well one thing that's not for dinner is beef and bean nachos. why do you ask?

lol. figured i would try to make things "awkward"

FAN: so do people really write you or do you make stuff up sometimes???

shit, you mean, i was just imagining you all this time?

FAN: bad question then ...

i get asked that a lot. i don't have enough time to make up content. trust me. however, i do need more amusing and obscure texts. tell your friends!


Anonymous said...

hey cj. you forgot you're ball.


TomW said...

Surely a grammar nazi is strict with grammar, not spelling...

Anonymous said...

i think u should publish every text u get no matter how boring u think it is. isn't that the point?
to night seems to do it. especially the dear pookie bear thanks for 11 amazing years luv ur hunnie bunnie.


C.J. Smith said...

I have no desire to be like the Shout Outs.

I find 80% of them to be as exciting as an educational film about oral hygiene.