Monday, October 18, 2010

Doors are closing ... !

So get on the goddamn train. If you dirty turnips can't make it to the 7:53 train, take the next one. Don't make me late because of you.

If I have to listen to Jay every morning with his stucatto, "Doors ... Are ... Cloooooooooossssssiiiinnnng", I'll lose my mind. I'll go postal. I'll go to the doors myself and pry them shut.

Shut them and be on with it.


Anonymous said...

same problem if ever west bound morning train at oakville!

Anonymous said...

thats right, at Oakville they repeat it at least 3 times...just close the friggen doors already.

TomW said...

There is a beeping sound and a flashing light (the only deaf-friendly thing GO seems to do) when the doors closed. The whol announceing thing is pointless anyway.
(If you travel on trains in the UK, there's no annoucements. There's just a beeping noise to give you a couple of seconds to remove limbs/bags from the doorway. Strangely, it works).