Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crossing train tracks?

Lotsa upset Barrie line commuters tonight.

I dunno if it was suicide and although sitting on a train for 2 hours is unpleasant, someone did die.
I do feel bad for the GO conductors who had to witness it. These men and ladies do all they can to save people from death, especially those who use train tracks as shortcuts or as a means for the end.

Pedestrian struck and killed on the Barrie-Bradford GO line
Toronto Star Newspaper

A pedestrian was struck and killed on the Barrie-Bradford GO train lines Thursday evening, York region police say.

Police said officers were on the scene to determine the cause of the incident.

The incident happened around 5:25 p.m. just south of Rutherford Road near a railway crossing, said GO Transit spokeswoman Vanessa Thomas.

Service on the line was temporarily suspended for two hours, just north of York University, near Rutherford GO station, as police conducted their investigation, Thomas said.

Passengers on the northbound Union 16:40 to Barrie train trip experienced delays of about two hours.



Kelly said...

That is terrible for sure. I've been on a train twice that's hit someone and usually it's a 3-4 hour delay until the coroner is called in and the police and GO cops release the tracks.

Anonymous said...

I have been on 2 lakeshore trains that hit and killed people. as shitty as the delay is, its hard to complain when someone just died.... your life aint so bad if ur just delayed a bit

TomW said...

I was once stuck on a train in the UK for about 2.5 hours because the train in front of us had hit someone... I found out afterwards they stopped all traffic on the line until they found the person's head.

joe said...

Here's my take on this selfish bullshit act. There's no guarantee the train will kill you. You could actually survive and survive worse off than how life was before you decided to throw your life under a train.

My brother jumped off a bridge in front of a CN train back in Weston, Ontario in 1984 and survived as a parapalegic fully dependent on my parents. My dad died in 07. My mom, now 78, cares for my brother full time with the help of a nurse and has done this since he was 18 and made this stupid choice of his. He also suffered a brain inury leaving him with the mindset of a child.
What these people need are help or a more permanent full proof decision.

Anonymous said...

This past summer I was on a LW train that hit someone, we were let out after about 45 min to get onto another train. Seems good so far...unfortunately everyone had to walk past the poor fellow's shoe in the middle of the track on thier way down the stairs to the tunnel to change platforms.