Friday, October 8, 2010

I caught a trawl

I've since learned this story is an urban legend. However, read on!
In true FML fashion, I had to head back to the office tonight after realizing I had left a very important - personal - document at work that I needed for the weekend.

I actually managed to take the 4:53 home tonight and got into Oshawa at 5:38, only to get in my car and let out a huge, "Oh fffffuuuuuuddddgggge". Only I didn't say "fudge", when I realized what I had forgotten at work.

So I took the train back into Toronto because the 401 looked like a dog's breakfast. I grabbed my stuff and hoofed it back to Union.

I managed to catch the 7:17 back to Oshawa and bore witness to one of the most incredible stories I have ever heard.

There were two ladies across from me discussing a recent event involving a co-worker of one of these women.

Let's call her Darla.

Darla has an adult son with Down Syndrome who lives with her and stays home during the day while she works. Apparently he's self-sufficient and can be trusted to stay by himself, or so she thought.

She went to work one day last week and in the morning got a phone call from her son, who for the sake of this story I'll call Davey. Davey is excited and tells Darla he caught a trawl. She had no idea what he was talking about and brushed him off.

At lunch time, he phones again and says, "Mum! I put the trawl in the closet so you can see him". She doesn't understand what he's excited about and ignores him.

At 3pm, he calls again and is finally able to blurt out that he's got a TROLL in the house. Darla finally grows concerned and decides to leave early so she can go home and see what Davey is excited about.

When she gets to her front door, the door only opens part way because the La-Z-Boy rocker from her living room is wedged in front of the hall closet and the front door. She rings the bell and Davey comes running. He excitedly pushes the rocker out of the way and swings opens the closet door.

Inside was a "little person" dressed in a suit, pale as a ghost, and scared out of his mind.

Her son had locked a Jehovah Witness who had come to the door early that morning in the hall closet.

Darla was mortified. She mentally made a list of all the crimes her son had just committed ... forcible confinement ... kidnapping.

The man bolted from the house, even before Darla could apologize. Meanwhile her son is on the front porch screaming for the troll to come back because he wanted to keep him.

I didn't get to hear what the aftermath of this story was because the women got off at Ajax.

All I know is that never in my life have I had to hold in laughter as hard as I had to tonight.


Anonymous said...

OMG. That poor guy. That poor mother!!!

Kelly said...

That'll teach those JV's!

Karen Kirkham said...


You shouldn't believe everything you hear, especially on the GO!
That story is an urban legend. Look it up.


C.J. Smith said...


I'm heading over to Snopes right now ... (long pause)

Oh bloody hell.

I've posted a new post about this post.

Thanks Karen!