Monday, October 25, 2010

Lust. Verbatim

Submitted by Edward via text msg to 9054420352

The lady next to me is reading a book. I have managed to catch fleeting glimpses of her erotica. The title of the book is I Want To Bite.

I have typed some of what I read on my iPhone and now share it with you and hopefully you'll share this with your readers. Ever since I found your site, I've been waiting for some deliciousness and here it is ...

I quote: "Their breaths grew ragged. Their mouths parted. Tristan whimpered, wanting more. The lasciviousness glow of his ruddy tongue and his glistening lips made Izark gasp for air before ferociously kissing him again. Desire outstripped feeling and emotion. The consequences be damned. Only the frenzy of the now mattered."

I'm a straight dude whose pretty open-minded but this passage was just bad, no matter the orientation. It's as bad as "her bosom heaved and shivered with heightened desire". Not that I read Harlequin romance novels.
I found the book online at I reckon there's a reason why the cover photo is omitted. It's probably scandalous.


TomW said...

Izark isn't a name, it's a former state in what is now eastern Germany.

Anonymous said...

to the japanese, it makes for a great vampire name apparently