Monday, February 3, 2014

Calculating the cost of rides with the new fare increase

I can't math. I've been pretty open about this but this past week, a few people have approached me to ask how much their GO train trip might be with the new fare increase that was effective February 1.

Luckily I can put my broke-ass calculator away and point you all towards the Presto fare calculator that is on the GO Transit website.

My fare from Oshawa to Union and back varies from month to month. February's fare will amount to $290.00 due to Family Day and three days of vacation I have at month end. March will be higher - $309.00.

So for those who like to budget from month to month and have a solid idea of the days they plan to head into work, that calculator is helpful.


Anonymous said...

This was my case against the monthly pass. No matter what days you work, you paid a flat rate. With Presto, you pay less, especially if you take vacation days, work from home a couple of times a month or are sick in the middle of the month. You save money with Presto despite its flaws (of which there are many).

Bicky said...

With the monthly pass though, you could claim it on your taxes no matter how many days you used it. Now, if you don't have 32 one-way rides, uninterrupted, in a period not exceeding 31 days, you can't claim it.

Either way, I'm averaging $290 a month.

Anonymous said...


If you went on vacation one week for a month and used a monthly pass, you lost money. You were better off using 10-rides.

This system is much better as you will never exceed the cost of a monthly pass.

Of course, there are a million other bugs in the PRESTO system that need to be worked out.

Bicky said...

Anon, well that is true. However, when I took a vacay and had a monthly pass, I would let someone else use the pass who normally used 10-rides. Shhhh! Don't tell anyone.

Anonymous said...

Bicky...hehe! Well that's different.

Anonymous said...

I ride for free. $0

C.J. Smith said...

And look at all the applause I do not have.