Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pretty soon Imma elbow someone in the ribs

I like to sit on the outside seat of quads. I am always mindful that if the window seat beside me is empty, someone will eventually sit there.
I do not like being climbed over and seeing as most folks move as eloquently as elephants, I make the effort to stand up and allow people to sit. What irritates me are people WHO DO NOT WAIT FOR ME TO GET UP.
The hell!
What are you bullrushing the seat for? This morning I was almost knocked over by two women, one who couldn't wait for me to stand up so she could sit and the woman behind her who couldn't wait for me to sit back down so she could continue down the aisle.
That was me who told you both how I felt about your rudeness this morning if by chance you read this site.
If someone is going out of her way to be courteous, your boorish, it's all about me attitude is rude and obnoxious. I meant what I said.
Maybe no one has had the guts before me to tell you both that bulldozing your way through or over people is rude, but I sure do.
Put me in a foul mood, too.


Anonymous said...

amen. I notice the lack of consideration more and more. People are impatient and rude at an alarming rate. Drivers at Go stations are even worse and more dangerous. While walking from the GO station last night myself and this gentleman stopped to look at the line of cars departing the lot, the amount of horns blaring was unbelievable. I've almost been hit three days in a row crossing the street on a green light by impatient drivers. Sorry didn't mean to hijack your post lol, I am just so tired of these rude people.

C.J. Smith said...

Nope, you're not hi-jacking. People really need to calm their tits.

Squiggles said...

They do. They also need to walk in straight lines and not cut someone off as they slow the hell down to half the speed. They also need to drive with consideration in Parking Garages (had I not stopped and waited for the yahoo to speed by, I would have been garage pancake). They also need to stop having conversations about where they will sit at the top of the stairs while people are still trying to get ON the train, because the inconsiderates needed to be first. And, to top it all off, the 6.18 from Union is not the train to take when you will have a 3 course meal (with the most disgusting smells on the planet). The second of which was a nasty-ass smelling soup and the third was some sort of meat dish that required 2 contains (1 for meat, 1 for dipping sauce) and all of which required utensils.

And done rant. Sorry about that, I had a bad GO Train day yesterday. Made me cranky.

Unknown said...

They should hakuna their tatas!

Bicky said...

Crazy world we're living in these days. Rude as all get out, too.