Tuesday, February 4, 2014

This Crazy Train's Presto Chronicles, Chapter 26: Presto stops skimming an extra penny of fare

Between February 1st, 2013 and January 31st, 2014, Presto stole roughly $2.47 from me (eventually I will physically count the days but that's a pretty good guesstimation).

That's a tall vanilla blonde coffee from Starbucks, taxes in.

The only explanation given was that it was a system glitch that caused my bus to train connection every morning to result in one more penny in fare compared to my train ride home. In a nutshell I paid $8.40 to get to work and $8.39 to get home. The fare was supposed to be $8.39 both ways.

As of February 1st, 2014, Presto is now calculating my fare correctly each way -- time to ask for my $2.47 credit!

I encourage the 27 people I've made contact with on the 90/91 route to do the same plus the hundreds, if not thousands, more affected.

That extra penny times all of us is NOT GO's, it's NOT METROLINX's and it's most certainly NOT PRESTO's.

It's our money. Ask for it back.

Yellow highlight = Union to Oshawa train fare
Green highlight = Bus to Oshawa GO, train to Union fare

Dates reflect pre- and post 2014 increase.

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Peter said...

CJ, why did you tell them how much you wanted as a refund? You should have demanded Metrolinx assign a person to sift through your daily commutes, tally the pennies, and issue you a paper credit voucher. Share the pain of PRESTO. (-: