Tuesday, February 4, 2014

This guy...

When he came upstairs on the Stouffville train one night last week, he was unaware he had entered the Quiet Zone and hostile territory. People were ready and on the attack but, before they could sharpen their sickles and grab their pitchforks, he quickly realized his faux pas, APOLOGIZED, and went to sit downstairs.


This is how GO Transit passengers plot their revenge. They read newspapers, stare at phones and look out the window so no one catches onto their ruse. But inside, they are steaming mad.

You know this is true. Don't lie.

You sit in the Quiet Zone! I know you do... You stew, take pictures, tweet your annoyance and fervently wish I was on that train with you.

Oh, I know... I totally know. I'm on to all of you. I gots your number.


Four Seasons said...

i think that was the Stouville Train (I took that last Thursday...being Chinese New Year and had to go to in-laws for dinner)
(no need to publish...just to let you know)

C.J. Smith said...


Anonymous said...

So true!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I over heard one guy say to his friend that the Quiet Zone is "worse than Nazi Germany".

April said...

I violently disagree with comments like anon@11:02 am.

Why are we comparing anything to Nazi Germany. They shot people at random, staved people and worked them to death in concentration camps, and if that didn't get you they gassed you to death.

The quiet zone is nothing like Nazi Germany.

Anonymous said...

^ She has a very, very valid point.

Anonymous said...

I'm Jewish. The word doesn't offend me no more than the soup nazi on Seinfield. It's a lexicon for modern context.

Anonymous said...

Re: valid point. Uh, no she does not!

Too much PC. Oy!

Skin Man said...

I couldn't press the like button enough! Both for the story...and your observation about many of us in the group, who to one day channel our inner CJ and call someone on their boorish behaviour!

April said...

I am glad it doesn't offend you anon@12:40 p.m. There were 11 million people killed in the concentration camps, 5 million of those people were not Jewish.

That Nazi is a "lexicon for modern context" is EXACTLY the problem. Why are we trivializing something so horrific by making it a part of everyday slang.

If we trivialize it, it becomes less important. If it becomes less important we will forget. If we forget, we will allow it to repeat.

International Holocaust Remembrance day just passed. It isn't enough to simply remember. Pay respect to the dead and those that suffered the horrors that the entire world allowed to happen by not trivializing those words and symbols that were a part of it.