Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Presented without comment


TomW said...

Here's the thing... I sit upstairs (virtually always), and get up about 30 seconds before the train stops. I manage to to be the third or fourth person off. So I don't see the point of being a DD..

(Although I walk, I still want to get out quickly, so I can cross the road at the unsignalised intersection outside the GO station *before* all the cars get there...)

MATT said...

I wonder if someone has implored the bus driver to brake VERY hard and roll these fuckers off the seats they seem to feel entitled to claim as their secondary beds?

David said...

Ah urine, my second most feared feature of fabric public transit seats. The first is bed bugs. I wish the seats in the TTC subway were molded metal like the Hong Kong subway.

Bicky said...

^David, I never even considered bed bugs on fabric seats! Ugh!

Now I feel the urge to wrap myself in plastic before I sit down.