Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Holy crap... this baby turns 4 years old in two weeks


I guess I better work on a birthday card to myself as well as compiling some stats about usage, traffic and audience.

And, based on requests, I *will* go back and collect some of the most bizarre emails I have received and post them here, and maybe some of the far out comments that never made it past the approval button.

I wish I had taken television production back in J-school more seriously because to roll all this into a parody of a Facebook movie would have been awesome.


Squiggles said...

Happy Birthday!

And my all-time favourite post is this one:

Gotta love the toilet humour.

Anonymous said...

look foward to some stories from the past, not sure how long I have been following this blog now but I love it! it makes the commute easier when you can laugh at the people who make your trips more "entertaining".
Thanks CJ!

Dakota said...

We need to have a party!!!!

CJ drinks free because she provides us with entertainment on a regular basis.

Bicky said...

Happy Anniversary early! I agree with Dakota.

Are you soliciting ideas for a new banner? I shall put on my thinking cap.