Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Olympics and score announcements on the GO train

On my train this morning, the CSA announced that GO CSAs would do their best to update passengers on the scores for women's hockey and curling during train travels today as Canada competes for Gold in both events. One lady made a face and said to her seat mate, "So much for taping the game..."

On Friday night, this email came in. Since then, I've come to the realization that there is no escaping not knowing the outcome of an Olympic event because you want to watch it later, and perhaps it's not a bad judgement call by any CSA to announce the scores.

This is where you get to weigh in.

In the past, I have received text messages from passengers upset that the score of a hockey game they were heading home to watch was announced on a train.

from: Anonymous
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date: Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 5:49 PM
subject: Please don't use my email and feel free to edit this story if you want it

As we all know, the Winter Olympics are on.  Because I work in an office all day, this truehockey fan has resorted to taping the noon hour men's hockey games so I can watch it in the evening. I go all day trying to avoid hearing about the game. I stay off the internet. I don't play the radio on my drive home from the GO station.  Guess what happened today on the Lakeshore West line, the 4:10 departure out of Union?  The CSA proudly announced over the loudspeaker the outcome and score from today's game. What a jerk. Maybe his employer is more flexible in that HE got to watch the game today. Way to go, GO.

Anonymous (please)

from: Cindy (Cj) Smith
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date: Sat, Feb 15, 2014 at 1:25 PM
subject: Re: Please don't use my email and feel free to edit this story if you want it

I can only imagine - okay YEAH that SUCKED. For me, impossible. In my office, it is OLYMPICS ALL THE TIME. You can't escape it. I shut my door and play music but I can't venture anywhere without someone screaming out scores etc.
I feel terrible that your balloon was popped. I think the CSA made a bad judgement call but I will publish this so other CSAs realize that maybe this isn't a good idea. My husband is next to me and I asked him if he understood the "don't tell me the score I haven't watched the game yet rage" and he gets it.

from: Anonymous
to: "Cindy (Cj) Smith" 
date: Sat, Feb 15, 2014 at 1:34 PM
subject: Re: Please don't use my email and feel free to edit this story if you want it

Thanks for your response. Appreciate the understanding and support!  I also must tell you that I have loved reading your blog!  I stumbled on it about two months ago and have really enjoyed the stories. I can totally relate. Keep up the great writing. All the best.


Squiggles said...

I live in a nice bubble and really do not care for the Olympics. But this morning was the first time I heard the announcement about the games and the possible results announcement later in the day. When did this start?

Plus, if I did follow the games, I would be pretty torqued to hear the results before I was ready. I think it ruins it for more people than it helps.

Anonymous said...

HEADPHONES!!! It's how I do it.
I was on a train once where a crucial Leafs game was in full swing one Wed night and this one business type was working away on a laptop (it was about 8pm) when the CSA announced the score and he got up and started tossing his stuff. Then he threw his laptop onto a seat and his bag and just left! I have no idea where he went. To this day I figure he went to go confront the CSA

Todd said...

Just in general I would prefer the CSA's keep their announcements brief and too the point. If it's not related to me getting home, I don't want to hear about it. If I want to hear about sports/news/weather I'll just look it up on my phone.

Sylv said...

The CSA on my train made this announcement this morning as well (you know, Go Canada - or is that GO Canada?), right after the daily reminder about the quiet zone....

lilnat86 said...

My building has two large screens airing the Games all day, every day. For me, can't be avoided but I don't mind knowing the results. I like to see how they got there too! Earplugs, and suck it up is my thought but it does suck when there's spoilers.

Unknown said...

Hear the same. Inappropriate use of the announcement system is my opinion.

Bicky said...

My beef with the GO announcements re. Olympics is that what they're saying is old news by the time they say it.

It's a few days out of the year. If you don't want spoilers, then plug your ears.

Funny, a guy emailed a local radio station this morning saying all radio personalities should preface any Olympic talk with "spoiler alert". He claims he tapes the games to watch at night. The DJ responded with "Someone still tapes?"

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

I came to to post the exact same thing. To all CSRs (or whatever you call yourself these days). Just stick to doing your job. That's what you're paid for. If I wanted to listen to a DJ/Sports Announcer/Newscast - I WOULD!
You've ruined MANY results for me this week. I even had headphones on yesterday night, but your announcement that started "CANADA WINS ANOTHER GOLD TODAY IN BOBSLED" really pissed me off. I PVR everything overnight and take great strides to avoid results.

Anonymous said...

I get the upset at the spoilers but come on, its the Olympics, people are excited,national pride and all it is everywhere! I think it is a little unrealistic to expect they aren't going to hear about the results before they get a chance to go home and watch it on pvr. I personally don't get to watch much of it at work other than what I catch at lunch but I'm ok with hearing the results with the rest of the world, can't live in a bubble.

Sylv said...

As this is not an isolated CSA or two, I would say that this is a GO Transit initiative and by making the announcements the CSAs are actually doing their jobs :)

lilnat86 said...

HAHA I actually tried to tell a coworker the exciting news via IM and she responded DON'T!! I'M RECORDING IT! But to be fair, we're both working from home so it's an exception today. And it's Hockey, know.

Anonymous said...

For those of you saying "CSA should stick to their jobs/ inappropriately used the system" .... Did it ever occur to you they ARE doing their jobs?? That they were told by upper management to support Canada/keep passengers "in the know"?? Some of you are so ignorant its so sad. If GO bothers you so much stop taking the service. My god.

C.J. Smith said...

Okay, calm the boobies here. Yes, the CSAs were doing their jobs, which is great. It's all we can ask for.
The post was written to weigh in about divulging scores, not to trash people and advise them to stop riding GO Transit. We don't want that. YOU don't want that. Management doesn't always know what passengers want - this is evident here with respect to the opinions but where it got ugly is people bashing the CSAs, so let's address that, k? Not cool. Especially when they are following orders. So, without resorting to name calling or suggesting people quit the GO, just keep it civil and to the point.

Anonymous said...

last night on my way home the CSA announced that we received medals today in the Olympocs but she didn't reveal which ones lol, immediately I wondered if she read your blog