Sunday, February 16, 2014

Try this at Union on Tuesday


deepfish said...

The one goal in Toronto is to get by without actually opening your own door or even nudging it to keep it open for the next schlub. Thanking people for holding the door?... Also verboten

Anonymous said...

^ it drives me nuts when people do this, I would rather have to run to get a door or say it's ok rather than have some inconsiderate boob let the door slam on my as they slink through. No consideration.
I watched some lady walking in front of me texting, slowly walking, then when she got to the door she actually expected me to hold the door open for her from behind lol.

George said...

I hate it when someone holds the elevator in the garage so you fell obliged to hurry up even if you don't need to.

Sometimes when people do that before I'm even close I'll suddenly turn and use the stairs.