Thursday, February 6, 2014

Look at all the people!

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I'm so #thankful it wasn't me this time. #rougehill #fulltocapacity #stranded #gotrai | OnInStagram


Anonymous said...

It was crazy yesterday. I was on the 15:13 from Union to Burlington. The train before it was cancelled. Wait on the platform and only one door on the three west-end coaches opened.
So there were a ton of people scrambling to literally squeeze into that one open door. People were still trying to cram in when they closed the doors. Very unsafe.

April said...

That was probably all the people that were forced off the 3:43 Union to Oshawa. It was delayed, then there was a passenger medical emergency. Just before we got to Rouge Hill they announced that the train was express to Oshawa and everyone wanting another spot had to get off. People were PISSED.

I thought it was about time Oshawa didn't get shafted. How many times do we get told the train is terminating at Whitby, or in the mornings we are told the trains are starting at Whitby.

C.J. Smith said...

Having learned from many years prior. I left the office at 7 and took the 7:17 pm LSE train home.
I arrived in Oshawa at 8:20, the bus was waiting and I was home by 8:40 pm (which is the same time I would have arrived home at had I taken the 5:10 and waited 125 minutes for the bus).

It was the bus part that concerned me so I waited it out. One bus friend arrived at 6:29 pm in Oshawa and waited an hour for her bus.

No thanks.