Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sometimes pictures aren't the whole story

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At the  risk of starting anything, i am captured in your recent photo. I just wanted to defend myself as i stand in the very corner out of the way until the doors close. No one bumps me, I've never gotten in anyone's way and I make sure to move for everyone. I stand in the door because a) I sit. All day. I don't want a seat. And 2) because i have a son to get by 6 pm or I am chqrged an outrageous surharge. And I stand in the corner away from the doors that open so I'm out of the way. I can't and don't speak for the rest.  When the doors close I move over. I always get off and let people through. There was no walker on friday. He was sitting on a stool attached to his back pack. And there was no where else for him to go. He chose the bathroom. We didnt toss him in there. Someone made a comment on your post about the nasty comments being from me. I want to assure you they are not and in this one statement I can say I speak for us when we say dd#1 is none of us. We think a lot of the comments about your appearance are way out of line. I know your blog, I read your blog. But I have never commented. I am asking if possible, would you please not post this text.  I'm not happy about my photo being on your blog with my face not fuzzed out, but know there's not much I can do about that. But I am hoping you'll accept my request and not post this. Thank you.

Feb 03 7:04pm
I've  had a lot of anxiety about that post and I'm glad you texted me because I need to hear  these things. I get so many submissions of people supposedly doing bad things that it's hard to make a judgement call sometimes which is why I had a practice of cutting people's faces out of the photos which in turn, caused me flak for being a "pussy" and not showing faces. I've had another text from 1 person on the 453 train who told me there was a conversation about me or that post from people near the doors. That raised my anxiety levels because the point of the post was the fact people were standings in the bathroom which is just odd. Knowing that people actually chose to stand in the bathroom is just creepy but to each his own. Having been inundated with comments from people focusing more on the deliberate door blocking that does happen on trains, it was unfair of me to publish the photo unaltered. In fact, that was a bad judgement call on my part and I will be editing the picture tonight. First and foremost, your personal safety and right to ride a train without being singled out for something you're not guilty of resonates deeply with me. I am glad you texted me. I'm sorry you got caught up and lumped into a post that was targeted at people who make boarding difficult.
Feb 03 7:19pm
I'm the red head actually lol. We try hard not to block the doors. But there are some that even irk us. We were talking about the post. Mainly that some people were defending us, and how inappropriate the name calling was. No matter what people think of your site, there is no call for the names. That's rude. And we were mostly offended by dd#1's comment because it lumped us in ( we are dds. We know this. We try to be respectful dds) and we didn't want to be lumped in with that commentor. Lol As I said. I read your blog. And I never comment. But I've seen how snarly people get over pics. I figure you're a reasonable person. Asking will get someone farther than shrieking abuse. Lol

Feb 03 7:48pm
Hi! It sure does! Oh man, I feel awful. I don't think there's enough kittens in the world right now. The pic is edited. Any facial features I couldn't crop are blurred. I won't remove the post because there are RUDE door donkeys. I've encountered them. Again, I am so sorry you became a target. Lessons learned a plenty.

Feb 03 8:00pm
Don't beat yourself up. Even we get angry at the rude ones. There is one that insists on standing on top of me even though she has lots of room to stand.

Feb 03 8:04pm
But she stands on me. There are rude ones. I just wanted to prove we aren't all like that. I give you permission to post all of this now since it didn't turn into either of us wanting to throat punch the other lol.

Feb 03 8:04pm
People need to know were not all bad :)

Feb 03 8:04pm
Are you sure? Sleep on it. But yes, you're not all bad and you deserve a shot to defend yourself. I'm heading out for a long walk. Let's touch base in the morning.

Feb 03 8:08pm
I actually commented already on your post. So yes, I'm sure. People need to know it wasn't what it appeared and not to make assumptions. 

Feb 03 8:18pm
Enjoy your walk my dear. Rest easy.

Feb 03 8:18pm


mike f. said...

Okay ... that's great you guys made nice and all but what about the rest of the week? I was on that train not just Friday and people were standing in the washroom. I will vouch that this woman is NOT the issue. The issue is the other two guys who literally stood in the doorway of the toilet. Tuesday one looked disabled, had luggage or a stool. Anyhow, okay, I screwed up. Should have never positioned the pic the way I did so even though C.J. is catching flak, I was the one who said she had to write about it.

C.J. Smith said...

There are two sides to every story.
Let's monitor the toilet donkeys. See what transpires... My dictionary is stale anyway. It's time for some updated definitions.

J said...

Agreed. Two sides help paint the complete picture.

Anonymous said...

A lot of the time, we open the door to the washroom, so that we can get out of the way of the doors when people get off the train at Pickering and Whitby. I personally have never stood in the bathroom (couldn't do it. Ive only ever used them once. When I was pregnant, and morning sickness gave me no choice) but others don't seem to care as long as they can get out of people's way, they will stand in the bathroom. They always move when people need it, and no one has ever complained when we are asked to move for bathroom users. Usually they joke about having to stand in the bathroom.

MATT said...

Maybe it's just me, but if I walked into a public restroom like say, the one in the Union Station concourse, and someone was standing in the door to the stall, or even the door to the washroom as a whole, I don't know that I would be comfortable saying "Hi there, can you please get out of my way so that I may answer nature's call?" In fact, someone standing there in my way, reading a book or playing with their phone, NOT using the facilities, would really creep me out.

When people need to "take care of business", they are rightfully accustomed to simply opening the door, closing the door, and doing what they need to do, because asking someone to move out of the way so that you can take a leak is a bit much.