Monday, May 13, 2013

GO adds free wi-fi to more GO stations and adds 60 parking spaces at Oshawa GO Station

Ahhh, hear that? That's the sound of hard-earned tax dollars being spent. Just kidding.

You bitched and GO listened because starting tomorrow morning, those who drive to the Oshawa GO station will have 60 extra parking spaces to park like donkeys in. 

Also, IMA Outdoor, in partnership with Metrolinx, is now providing wi-fi at the following stations:
  • Ajax GO Station
  • Appleby GO Station
  • Aurora GO Station
  • Bramalea GO Station
  • Clarkson GO Station
  • Cooksville GO Station
  • Finch GO Terminal
  • Mount Joy GO Station
  • Pickering GO Station
  • Richmond Hill GO Station
  • Square One GO Terminal
  • Union Station Bus Terminal
  • Yorkdale GO Terminal

From GO's website: "Customers at these stations will need to select “IMA Wifi at GO” from the network options, and read and accept the terms and conditions before browsing the internet or checking email. There will also be a short advertisement on the screen from one of the sponsoring advertising partners. This advertisement makes it possible to deliver WiFi to customers for free."

I'm still waiting on bar car service on Friday nights... 


TomW said...

If only I spent 45 minutes each morning and evening sitting at the station, this would be great! Shame I have to board the train...

Squiggles said...

Nice. And it could be something I start doing with my tablet. Only because I am now hopelessly addicted to the Simpsons game.

Anyhoo, what they need to do is to start quiet cars everywhere instead of this. After two consecutive trips with people who thought the entire car needed to hear their conversation, I have reached my "GO Donkey Limit" of the month and will not be responsible for what comes out of my mouth or my actions (if I had little somethings I would have started throwing them at the back of Buddy's head this morning).

I know GO worker people read this blog, so I am starting here with the bitching. Later today, I shall be contacting their customer service.

elvis said...

Why only Fridays?

Anonymous said...

They need this on the Barrie line! xD; Ah, screw it; they need it IN the trains! \o/