Monday, May 13, 2013

Trolling Twitter is something I should do more often

Saturday afternoon I drove into Whitby to grab some Indian take-away for dinner at my parents' in Toronto only to arrive and have my mother AWOL after a shopping trip in Scarborough.

My dad, who is a meat and potatoes kind of guy, moaned and complained about the selection of butter chicken, aloo gobi, rice, samosa, raita, naan and onion bhaji only to then proceed to inhale an entire plateful of the food. TOLD YOU IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! 

While I waited over two hours for my mother to come home and eat her advance Mother's Day feast, I decided to troll Twitter updates and came across a few gems. This one stood out for me:

  1. 20 bucks worth of Go Transit tickets tonight and the bastards didn't even come around and check!
I'm sorry but how is legally paying required fare a waste? works on a POP system. Would you prefer a nanny system?

Unfortunately, she didn't bite.

I also went after the a-holes who post photos of themselves on Instagram acting like donkeys on the trains such as the foot riders, the tokers, the smokers and other fare jumpers. Back on Twitter, I came across this:

This resulted in a discussion with another Twitter user about how GO Transit makes no real effort to publicize its Transit Safety number.

Then we discovered this:

Sigh. I didn't realize that towed vehicles was a safety concern.

It sounds like it's time for a communications on public safety on GO Transit overhaul, doesn't it?

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