Thursday, May 16, 2013

Oh my GAWD! Vanessa can't believe she wasn't on the list!!!

Last night I took the 5:10 pm LSE home. For the entire train ride, no matter how loud I turned up the volume for my episode of Mad Men, I could hear this girl an entire quad away yelling into her iPhone about her sister's shower invitations and some girl who was mad she wasn't on the list.

In fact, the whole train heard her.

The woman beside me who was working on a crossword obviously had difficulty concentrating because it took her 20 minutes to write down the answer to one clue. Eventually she put her paper away and glared at iPhone girl for the rest of the train ride. I loudly asked her if she was upset that she wasn't on the list. This garnished a few chuckles from the people around us.

In the span of ten minutes, the woman conducting the call said, "Like" 39 times and asked, "You know what I mean?" nearly 100 times. Coming in third place, "I know, right?" was said a dozen times. The repetition of these statements throughout her phone call was more annoying than the projection of her voice. We were all told five times how angry Vanessa was about not being invited and how many times the woman on the phone had texted her an apology.

This girl talked for approximately for 49 minutes and even through Death Valley (the stretch between Scarborough and Pickering) she never lost her call. I am always amazed when this happens. I'm on a LTE network and still can't access the internet steadily through this stretch.

Must be Murphy's Law or something.


Squiggles said...

I had some woman who thought it was appropriate to fan herself (and those around her) for the entire ride. Even commenting on the looks she was getting to her companion.

Anyhoo, related to this post: I just received a call from GO customer service about the Quiet Cars. They are extending the trial on the Barrie line - though she didn't tell me the end date. But she mentioned that they were getting 50/50 feedback about it. So once that trial is over, then they will assess if it is feasible to implement the idea across all lines/certain lines. It may be a while (if ever) before something like that is added to LSE.

It is a shame, because then you would have avoided the incident. But at least you got to understand the whole conversation. That makes it easier to mock later. Tuesday I had to listen to someone yell their entire conversation in Urdu (or similar language) from Pickering to Danforth. Grrrrr

George P said...

At least you get to follow the conversation.

On the 16:43 LSW there is a woman who insists on shouting into her phone in what sounds like Russian, but me not being familiar with the language it was probably something else.
She also uses english words occasionally just to make sure EVERYONE on the level can pop their heads up and pay attention.
The sad thing is she either makes or answers a call EVERY DAY and keeps talking until she gets off at Port Credit and then is yapping until she enters the tunnel. I assume when she emerges from the other side she resumes the call.

I'm switching cars if this keeps up much longer.

I must be an anachronism because I turn my phone off when I'm on the train. I hate being disturbed during my reading time by the phone ringing.

MATT said...

I know that there are some words that we use in English that don't translate into other languages.

I was told this by someone who spoke fluent Punjabi when my wife asked him why he would carry on an entire conversation with his mother in Punjabi, but intersperse the chat with English words like "job" and "hardwood".

RC said...

My husband has some sort of gadget called a cellphone blocker. You just press the button and it kills cell signals around you for a few seconds. It's pretty awesome! I should carry it on the train.