Friday, May 10, 2013

What's behind the fence?! This!

Source: mattkdevine
New stairs being built between the Union Station GO Train terminal and the new second platform of the TTC subway station!

Soon we will no longer feel like cattle being pushed towards gates!


Squiggles said...

Considering how the construction will never be done, all I can say is this:


Harith said...

Now, if only people would learn to make use of all doors instead of lining up behind other people going for the one open door.

Anonymous said...

You'll feel like cattle for awhile longer because when they open the new one, they'll have to close the current cattle area to redo it. So basically we'll still be corralled, just to a different area. :)

George P said...

I've seen the final drawings for the Union Station Revitalization. We it's done the station will be transformed from a dumpy neglected cave to a modern, high-efficiency and gorgeous looking transit hub.

This is something that should have been done years ago when King David the Stupid ran Toronto, but of course when you're a socialist weenie you don't want to get anything done that only helps people who work for a living.

The new lower level is coming along nicely and the subway station is beginning to take shape. Imagine a project that's on time and budget in Toronto. A miracle I say.

Bicky said...

From what I understand, people going from the GO Transit part of Union into the PATH, will have to go AROUND the subway part. There will be no access through the station like there currently is.

We'll have to see how that pans out.

Jeff said...

There better be a ramp for those of us in wheelchairs. Union Station fails in accessibility. It always has.

C.J. Smith said...

I've received emails to that affect. Email me please.

Dan Garcia said...

"King David the Stupid" George? Funny, he's the one that got the whole thing started.

Of course, it should have been started sooner than it was, but progress is progress none-the-less. The mongoloid that we have in office now would have tried to put a hold on any work until it finally collapsed.

Toronto, Ont.

Anonymous said...

When you see whats being done under Union Station by Metrolinx you will be amazed...

George P said...


No King David the Stupid cancelled it. My wife works for the real estate law firm that did the paperwork for the project and the Pearson Group. They made 10 million in fees and contract penalties because of KDTS asshat policies.

KDTS didn't want a PPP so being the idiot he was, he took all the toys and went home all the while crowing about how good a mayor he was. It could have been finished by now.

It was the province and Metrolinx that got the ball rolling again after the moron cancelled it because we need it for the Pan Am games.

The moron in office now had and still has zero say in this matter and keeping the city out of any large project can only be a good thing.