Monday, May 27, 2013

I'm down with this but the money better go where it should

From the Toronto Star
re: Metrolinx Big Move

Metrolinx backs hikes in HST, gas tax and new parking levy

It will cost the average Toronto region household an additional $477 a year in taxes to overcome a generation of public transit neglect and crippling road congestion under a transit investment strategy being unveiled by Metrolinx on Monday.


Bicky said...

I have my doubts that 1) that's all it's going to cost us; 2) that the dollar figure won't keep rising year after year; and 3) that the money will be dedicated to transit/roads.

Prove me wrong, oh provincial government.

Dakota said...

To be fair to everyone, all transit fares should be based on distance travelled. Going from Etobicoke to Scarbourgh for $3.00 does not seem right.

MATT said...

I think location of travel, not just distance, should factor in. People living downtown who can afford $2000/month (or more) in rent can surely afford to pay a little more to ride the street car.

George P said...


The Liberals have been proving us wrong for years now.
We thoguht an intelligent, thoughtful and taxpayer friendly regime was elected.

We thought our tax dollars would be used like it belonged to McSquinty...

We thought things would be different than being led by the PC folks.

They sure proved us wrong....

Anonymous said...

Surely you jest, Matt. I live downtown in a modest rented apartment and I have a modest job that does not pay me $100,000. I would be considered lower middle class. Please explain to me why I, who uses the streetcar for the shortest period of time, gets to subsidize someone coming from a greater distance? Tell me why it doesn't make sense for those travelling longer distances to pay more?