Friday, May 24, 2013

GO Transit to the rescue!

GO has been sympathetic to my plight with respect to the loss of my Presto loyalty steps for May. My Presto card was stolen last week. Because of the theft, I will have to pay the full fare right to the end of May. No $0.00 fare for me. True, full fare using a Presto Card is already discounted when used daily but the real savings come in at the end of the month when 35 or more rides have been reached. I will miss out on that as my new card started at zero steps on May 17.

GO has offered to help me. I won't know what exactly will happen but I've been given a case number and was told to call back during the first week of June as GO needs to validate my transit usage.

Stay hopeful, folks. If Presto jerks you around, give GO a shot. It's worth a try.

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