Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's a hard knock life when trying to catch some ZZZs

I've been sitting on these photos for over two weeks because I was hoping I'd be able to spare some time and Photoshop them. Life, as it does, just gets in the way and so, I will share them as is.

But first, some back story. This girl got on the 4:30 PM all stops train from Union to Oshawa. She removed her shoes, pulled a blanket out of her backpack, put on sunglasses and then settled in for a snooze.

By the time the train reached Danforth, she wound up with two seat mates but did not remove her legs from the seat opposite her. Hoping to retreat further into her imaginary bubble, she pulled up the hood of her coat.

At Whitby, she removed her sunglasses and decided to occupy the seat next to her. 

Ah, screw it ... you know what she needs...

Yeah, baby ... yeahhh. How you like that hot seat now?

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