Friday, May 31, 2013

Important announcement from Greyskull and Clark, Cattorneys-at-law


Muw, morh mar mea ... mer mei. mee!

(Yawn) Meh

Don't ask me what this means. I was just asked to publish it in response to this text message. If you're fluent in "cat", let me know what they said.

from: Rogers Extreme Text Messaging 
date: Fri, May 31, 2013 at 8:23 AM
subject: Copied Text Message From 1905436XXXX

hey dumb duck. hope u got a good lawyer because im sue u for what u said about me on the internet. lawyer up baby. im take it all!!!!!!!!!


Carol said...

My cat's a little rusty but I believe it's a quote. I'll get back to you.

George said...

It can't be cat because of the lack of grammar. Probably an spectacularly dumb tester impersonating a cat. An insult to cats.

I'll bet this just sent shivers of fear through your spine too lol

Squiggles said...

Must be the dialect. My cat says it is more along the lines of "feed me and not the trolls".

Bicky said...

Perhaps it was a suggestion for spelling and grammar lessons. My translation skills need work.

TT said...

I think the ones who threaten legal action are always the ones who have never dealt with a lawyer before. I have no doubt she will talk to a lawyer but when they demand a $10k retainer to take the case might cause her to pause.

Sylv said...

I think it means "Duck? Sure I 'll work for duck - yum!"

Anonymous said...

Why do these text messages always read like they were written by a borderline moron?

calvinhc said...

My cat is a little rusty, but I believe it is something to the effect that one must be able to properly put together a sentence, with correct words, spelling, punctuation, and capatalization in order to file a law suit. Anything else should be ignored.

It's amazing how so much content can fit into a few feline sylables!

C.J. Smith said...

Why do these text messages always read like they were written by a borderline moron?

Which is why I post them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was from Brian Burke???

Skin Man said...

I thought it started out a little classier than normal...."hey dumb duck."...but it faded quickly from there. I loved the ending though....I'd suggest that this author is a cut above the usual texter!

keep smiling!