Monday, August 22, 2011

9:08 ... better than nothin'

From: "GO E-News Alert"
Monday, August 22, 2011 07:33PM
Subject: Schedule Changes

Lakeshore East Passengers: To meet the continuing demand for service on your line beginning on September 6th, we will add two new peak time trains on your line.
A new eastbound trip will depart Union at 07:50 making all stops arriving Oshawa GO at 08:48 and a new westbound all stops train will leave Oshawa GO at 09:08 and arrive Union at 10:11.
In addition, the eastbound train trip that departs Union at 15:45 has been extended to now make all stops to Oshawa arriving Oshawa at 16:46 and the return trip therefore will now originate in Oshawa at 16:56 making all stops to Pickering and express there after, arriving Union at 17:45.
Connecting buses at Oshawa have also been adjusted to allow passengers to connect with these trains.
Good call on the 3:45pm all stops eastbound to Oshawa. I don't fully understand the science and logistics behind train scheduling but at least now there's a train between 8:38am and 9:38am from Oshawa.


Anonymous said...

WooHoo FINALLY the 3:45 goes to Oshawa!!!!!! Its about time that Go Transit realized that an East bound train at 3:45 that only goes to Pickering is of very little use when most of the riders at that time of day are from Pickering and further East........

Lucie said...

I'd really like a train departing in between the 7:36am and the 8:08 (Ajax-->Union) One in the middle of those would be perfect for me!

Dakota said...

Love the change to the 15:45 LSE. The morning doesn't matter as I have to start at 7am and usually snag a ride downtown. At least now when the boss says you can leave early an I have just missed the 15:13 I do not have to wait until 16:10.

mattgab said...

GO shares the tracks with CP and CN. They can't run trains all day even if they wanted too. Thats the science behind it...