Wednesday, August 31, 2011


We've all heard the phone calls.
The ones the moms make at 7:25am. On the train.
The ones that go:

MOM: Are you up?
MOM: Well you better get up.
MOM: I'm gonna call back in 5 minutes and you better be up
MOM: Are you dressed?
MOM:Did you find your pants on the dryer?
MOM:I put them there last night.
MOM:Take off what you have on and go find the ones on the dryer.
MOM: What are you eating for breakfast?
MOM: I left a bagel for you.
MOM: I don't care. You better eat it.
MOM: Pack your bag now while I am on the phone with you. I finished your two last math problems.

You get it now, right?

Shauna sent this in. Her First Period


lswgirl13 said...

I don't call anymore, I BBM so I can see that my little lazy ass has actually read the message.

Bicky said...

I say if your kid can't get up on time, let them suffer the consequences of being late for school. Once we hit high school, we were on our own to get up.

PS. Back from Nashville and it was freakin' awesome!!!

C.J. Smith said...

Hope you had a good time!
I agree. Helicopter moms need to come in for a landing once Junior reaches 14.

Squiggles said...

This is an odd one that I cannot relate too. My mom was a stay at home mom from the time I was 10 (I was the eldest). Even into high school, she was up when we were up to make certain we ate and had lunches and projects packed and headed out to the bus stop on time.

When we were younger and she was working, she had everything ready for us the night before: cereal in bowls waiting for milk, lunches packed, clothes laid out, etc. In fact, I still do it today as an adult!

But, I am grateful I take an early train and do not get these phone calls.