Thursday, August 25, 2011

Observations from this morning's LSE

Just gonna throw these out there:

1. Go newbies. Saw one this morning with a black blanket draped from her neck to her feet. Neck pillow. Black, rounded, sunglasses. All settled nice and cozy in an outside seat of a quad. Originating in Oshawa. Too bad she didn't realize how many times she'd have to move that blanket and herself to let three people sit in her quad as they boarded at Whitby, Ajax and Pickering. Perhaps she should have taken VIA.

2. Man in white t-shirt and jeans, holding a laptop briefcase on his lap, quietly weeping and looking incredibly sad. Either his wife left him or he's suffering from allergies somethin' fierce. At one point, I did want to approach him but second-guessed myself. What the hell would I have said? "Dude, I hate this fucking train ride as much as you, but this too, shall pass."

3. I tried in vain to get a photo but I saw my first Bike Rider. No, not a Bag Rider or a Foot Rider, but a person who brought his big, mountain bike on-board the 7:53-Oshawa (which GO politely asks people not do) and parked it so the handlebars hogged the backrest of an outside quad seat. No one at Whitby, Ajax or Pickering asked him to move his bike, choosing instead to stand near the doors. Hey buddy, that's where your bike should have been moved to once the train became express.

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Anonymous said...

Re: #2
I would have totally approached the guy. No harm in asking if he needs a sympathetic ear or a box of Claritin.