Monday, August 29, 2011

Please remove the stink

Originally, I snapped this photo because Friday's 7:29pm LSE (delayed!) train was filling fast and getting crowded but no one was sitting near this guy because his McDonald's dinner reeked. Three elderly women had originally sat in his quad only to get up and move into the one behind me. Once they settled in, they spent the next 20 minutes discussing how smelly McDonald's food is.

When this young man finished his dinner, he put his garbage on the seat next to him.
As the train pulled into Oshawa, he got up and left his bag behind.
I did ask him to please take his garbage but his music was too loud. So I grabbed his bag and drink, and stood behind him while we were waiting for the doors to open. For whatever reason, he turned around and he noticed I had his garbage.

The minute he was through the train doors, he took off like his ass was on fire. I did notice that his face had turned red when he realized what I was doing. But the running?

Did he think I was going to beat him with his garbage, after I tackled him?

All I was doing was tossing his garbage so the people getting on at Oshawa didn't have to deal with his leftovers. But I see he got my point.


Jen said...

Was there still liquid in the glass? If there was, guess what I would have done with it. Yup, all over his back.

The funny thing is that I was taking the 12.13 home on Friday (accompanying someone who does not take the train because they live in another province but had an appt downtown) and I started out on my list of pet peeves. 1 was the garbage. the other big one was feet on seats. Apparently that touched a nerve of the chicky-poo behind me who interjected herself into the conversation and said that she always wiped the seat off after putting her shoes on it. After telling her that I had no clue what she was talking about - she was right behind me - and telling her to mind her own business, we had us a good laugh.

TomW said...
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TomW said...

Why is it that fast food always smells so digusting on a train?

Squiggles said...

Its nauseating regardless of where you are. On a train its more apparently because you are either A) hungry, B) trapped until your stop when you can escape the fumes, or C) both.

e said...

It's McDonald's People! Did you ever watch "Super Size Me" and see what happened to him after 30 days of eating that garbage... he almost died... no wonder it smells so bad.

Anonymous said...

However, people have a right to eat on the train. Last time I checked, GO Transit has no rules or bylaws against this.

Leaving garbage behind and putting it on another seat is where I draw the line though, if you're going to eat McD on a busy train, at least keep it to yourself and clean up afterwards.