Monday, August 22, 2011

Computer use on GO Train?

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I don't see many people using computers on the train except maybe the odd doorknob watching a movie... but does anyone remember how a few years ago (maybe longer) the GO train was experimenting with special seats for computer users? What happened to it? I don't think I have ever seen it.

Can you even plug anything in on the GO train?

I was sitting next to this lady once who was trying to ram her computer plug into that weird-shaped electrical socket on the wall in the mid-level area... she was trying for like 3 minutes to make it fit but it wasn't a 110V outlet (dunno why that wasn't obvious).

Any guess if WiFi will ever be available? They have it on VIA, right?

It seems like with iPads and the coming tablet revolution (?) there might be more demand for WiFi because it's far easier to use in the cramped quarters of the GO train.

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Anonymous said...

they have WiFi on public school busses in some states, even as far back as 1995 !! FREE
Yet, we pay a small fortune a year for full time commuters and get NO WiFi, and if they ever do bring it, i imagine they will have a nice little 'monthly fee' attached to it.
Go train blows in all ways.

Sylv said...

I use a Netbook and a Rogers Mobile Internet stick. Coverage is pretty good. Some dead spots along the route,and sometimes weather-related connectivity issues, but I overall I am pretty happy with it.

Bicky said...

While some people might like the connectivity of using a laptop or tablet on the GO, it's not for me. First, I'm on a computer most of the day (proofreading), so this gives my eyes a nice break. Second, I don't want my bosses thinking because I can connect, I'll use that commuting time for work. Sorry, that's my time, not the company's.

And really, does GO give anything for FREE? The cost would be baked into the fares we pay (which are already ridonkulous).

kary said...

I use my ipad on the GO. I watch movies (guess I'm a doorknob) and use it for course work. I pay $15 for a dataplan, so I don't need wifi. I don't mind paying $15 a month for connectivity, because I only spend $100/yr on cell phone use.

I don't work for the type of organization that expects (or even encourages) employees to connect on their own time. Work-life balance is one of our core values.

Kelly said...

When I jump on the train at the end of the day, I hook up to the Via train wifi on my iPod before we pull out. There's almost always a Via train there to let me do that, but it'd be great if they'd have it on the GO trains.

C.J. Smith said...


Work-life balance is one of our core values.

Amen girl

Dakota said...


I want to work for your company.

kary said...

College of Nurses of Ontario. Great place to work.
If you come by on Thursday we're having ice-cream day, with ice-cream truck and all. Yum.

kary said...

But I should mention, it's for employees only! Sorry! You'll have to get your own ice-cream :-)