Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Holy Satan on a biscuit! Does this mean when I load my card, I'll no longer have to wait 24 hours for a monkey to start its shift?

From: "GO E-News Alert"

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 07:14PM

Subject: PRESTO Website Upgrade - August 12 -13

PRESTO is undergoing improvements that will make using the card even easier and more convenient. As this work is being done, some interactive features of the PRESTO website will not be available August 12 - 13. For information visit

During this time, you will continue to be able to use your PRESTO card to pay your fare and will still be able to load money onto your card at any GO station.

We appreciate your patience during this time and thank you for getting on board with PRESTO!


GOTransitBitch said...

I have to admit, I just deleted this email when I received it. It doesn't affect me. I have my card set to auto-reload. When it gets down to $20, it loads up with more dough. Some have argued that if I stop taking the train, I'll be left with this enormous credit and no way to spend it. I don't see it that way. If I move out of the GO Transit region, I'll know well in advance and will stop the auto-pay and spend the balance on trips. If I die, then I'm taking my Presto Pass with me (I believe you CAN take 'it' with you) cuz where I'm going, the trains will run on time, everyone will be quiet and the seats will recline.

TomW said...

At least they are updating in teh middle of onth month (how many people load up when they get end-of-month paycheque, I wonder?)

I hate how they don't say what the imnprovements will actually be.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing they are simply changing the background colour of the webpage. That's about the only thing those peons can do in 2 days and not screw up. Anything else will just end up eventually biting us in the ass... am I right?