Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Incredible. Parking is already at a premium. Isn't it nice how these people care?

Langstaff GO

Submitted by MV


BurlingtonBitch said...

In both pics, it looks like the cars parked behind are also majorly askew. One is probably the original donkey (OD) while the other is a sheep donkey who just lined up bumpers with the OD. Still, how does someone see that upon exiting the vehicle and think "meh - good enough"?
If you don't see yellow line, get back in and try a second time.

Anonymous said...

Ya thats so inconsiderate. When i was in school if you got caught parking that way, it was a $300 USD fine (univ of FL). Perhaps Gao should implement a similar deterrent.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, GO. BB keyboard fail