Sunday, December 11, 2011


By VanessaLSW
So... I'm on the LSW 1815 (last Wednesday). I usually take the express so this all-stops train has felt unusually long.

I'm sitting in the 3-seater by the doors and as we pull away from Oakville, I hear a man yelling: "GET ME OFF THIS TRAIN! GET ME OFF! GET ME OFF!"

A man comes flying down the stairs at the other end of the train car, yelling that he has to get off. He stops at the doors in front of me and starts pounding on them. The train is accelerating and he's pounding on the doors as hard as he can, yelling: "GET ME OFF! LET ME OFF THIS TRAIN NOW!!!"

I'm starting to feel a bit freaked out now. Wondering why this man needs to get off the train so urgently. Did he miss his stop? Why all the yelling? The two men standing near the doors beside me are eyeing each other, wondering if they have to take crazy yelling man down.

Crazy GO Guy starts pacing up and down the aisle and PRESSES THE EMERGENCY STRIP. Everyone around him is yelling, "No! Don't press the strip if you've missed your stop!" He continues to pace up and down the aisle, muttering to himself. I'm starting to feel like my GO ride has turned into a TTC ride.

Luckily, the Accessibility car is next to ours and the CSA reaches the car quickly. The CSA is asking who pressed the strip and we all point to Crazy GO Guy who is now at the other end of the car, pacing back and forth while muttering to himself.

After deducing that it's not a life threatening emergency, the CSA turned off the alarm and went back to the Accessibility Coach.

I'm not sure what Crazy GO Guy's problem is, but he's in serious panic mode. Clutching his head, tapping his feet, groaning, saying, "Oh no, oh no, oh no." He continues to pace from one end of the train to another, while passengers eye him warily.

I think one woman asked him if he was ok and did he need help, but he ignored her and continued to pace the train while saying and occasionally yelling, "I need to get off the train!"

As we arrive at Bronte, Crazy GO Guy lines up at the doors to exit, as the doors open, he shoves the people in front of him out of the way, and runs off the train like there's no tomorrow.

I did hear him mutter something about a laptop, but then he also said the word antique. I can only assume he left his laptop at Oakville station and went back to get it.


Anonymous said...

That photo looks altered.

C.J. Smith said...

Ding! Ding!

Dan Garcia said...

Did anyone at least yell "Run Forrest, run!" after him?

ExGOnowTTC said...

That's not a REAL photo?

Next you'll tell me they use photoshop on magazine covers :(.

VanessaLSW said...

@Dan - lol no. The people who were pushed aside had not witnessed the earlier madness so they had no idea why "Forrest" got off so quickly. They were just really pissed that he shoved them all out of the way so he could get off first so there were a lot of dirty looks and sighing.