Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This Crazy Train's Presto Chronicles, Chapter 14: All your monies are belong to us - until we figure out where it went

Presto Autoload feature double dipping customers, warns TCT reader. Presto working to fix the issue.

Jodi S. writes:

Presto has been taking $60 out of my account TWICE daily for the last TWO business days (despite the card not needing to be reloaded). They have been very friendly and I know their back office has been looking into it as it is happening to a bunch of people who use the auto-load feature. But people need to check their bank accounts to ensure they aren't going into overdraft! The money that is withdrawn is NOT added to the balance on the Presto cards; nobody seems to know where it is going and why. I suspended my auto-load feature for the time being until the $240 is reimbursed.

Just want to get the word on the street and your site came to mind as the perfect place to start!


Squiggles said...

Yet another reason (amongst many) for why I will have to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to embrace this form of fare payment.

Hopefully it is sorted out soon!

Anonymous said...

Does GO not see how much of a problem this system is? Seriously, going from a monthly pass which I can buy once a month and FORGET about, to a system where I have to tap my card FOUR TIMES A DAY!

I don't have the same trip to and from work so I can't set a preferred route, always need to tap on and off.

Honestly, something I have to do once a month, or something I have to do 80 times a month..not a very hard decision. Buy 12 monthly passes or tap on/off close to 1,000 times in a year!!!

Give me my paper pass any day.

Stephen said...

I noticed they hit my account for my $80 reload 4 times in the last five days. The back office is checking this out. I was on the phone with them this morning.

AF said...

i got bit by this as well.

ive been charged NINE times in the past 3 days for my autoload amount.

thanks for the blog post, i would have never looked otherwise.

Skin Man said...

I am so glad I don't use autoload....I like to go see the cashier around the middle of the month when its quiet.

Bicky said...

Makes me glad that I'm back to my paper pass.

Is it just debit autoloads or is it happening to those who put their autoload onto a credit card as well?

I shall pass the word.

Mark said...

I recall one instance a while back of them taking extra money but credited it immediately, and they emailed to tell me there was an issue.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting fed up with the bus passengers who rush to be the first to the doors to get off and then hold everybody up while they put down their bags to pull out this damn card! Bus drivers at the Bay St. station will remind passengers to buy a ticket inside rather than on the bus as it causes delays. But Presto? Nope. We'll sit here for another 10 min while the driver figures out how to load someone's card, or how to get it to work if the passenger didn't tap off last time.

Anonymous said...

And yet another reason I stay away from Presto!

lswgirl13 said...

I still love Presto but I've never done the autoload. According to the website it's not instantaneous so I just go to the ticket guy and top it up.

TomW said...

I decided against autoloads for this very reason. I don't like money leavign my bank account with my say-so. The only direct debit I have set is the rent, because the contract said to. All my other bills (including Presto) get paid online once a month. Takes about an hour, max.

Anonymous said...

Somebody's got to pay the 700 million.