Sunday, December 4, 2011

I hate you but now I love you

Many apologies for not posting this earlier in the week as promised last Friday.

Read on to find out why and for the not so stunning conclusion. I'll strip the headers once you get the flow and my replies, as always, are in green.

Text message from 1416868XXXX
to 19054427423
November 24 2011 06:09 PM

Hi. I was on the 17:05 barrie train on thur nov 24. I left a My Passport external hard drive on the train. I had it my pocket and I guess it fell out because I remember looking at it when I was on the train but all I had when I got in my car was the cable and no hard drive.

It's blue. I can get the serial number and it's a western digital. It's blue. I just backed up my home pc on it that I left at work because my it guy is re-building my machine. All my kids baby pictures are on it. It's irreplaceable. My home phone is 905-841-XXXX.


Okay I'm home now. It's the man who lost the blue WD My Passport hard drive. I have the serial number. I was on the 17:05 barrie train to aurora. thur nov 24. serial number is wxb1a60y2144t

Text message from CJ Smith
to 1416868XXXX
November 24 2011 07:17 PM

Hi there. I'm real sorry to hear you've lost something. Please contact GO Transit at 1866GETONGO or try the website

Text message from 1416868XXXX
to 19054427423
November 24 2011 07:19 PM

OH MY GOD. Thank god. Finally someone! you really should manage this sms better. Hi! Please tell me you found my hard drive!!!

No, I don't have your hard drive nor did I find it. Please call 1866GETONGO or visit

Why can't I just deal with you? Do you feel out a report? Should I rport the theft to the police??


Well if you think it was stolen then I would.

Is this a common problem on the train? I think I was probably pick-pocketed but the hard drive has no purpose to anyone who doesn't have the password. Or it probably fell out of my pocket. But I don't sleep on the train so I can't see how I wouldn't have noticed. I just can't believe I don't have it. There's a lot on it. I backed up my entire digital life.

You sound very upset. But the more you talk to me the more likely your hard drive won't be found because you have to report it to GO Transit.


You have to call ... look, Imma stop this right here. I can't help you. I need you to take a deep breath and scroll back up and carefully read my last few texts to you.

Wow, you're rude!Is this how you do your job!!!

No. I do my job involving software and processes that aren't even remotely related to the job you think I do.

What do you mean, think I do??? Don't you work for go?

You realize you are wasting a lot of time talking to me, right?

WHO ARE YOU? (I really wanted to say "I'm Batman", but I bit my tongue)

Look, texting in caps is just dumb. It's like sending a company memo in 24-point Arial and colouring all the text red. If I'm opening the email, you already have my attention. So if I'm texting back to you, I'm reading what you're typing. No need for aggression.

What? The? Hell? ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!!!?

The same goes for multiple punctuation. No effect.




Wow, and you sounded so nice and pleasant at first.

You are awful.

How did you find this phone number?

From the website.

Okay. Which one? Walk me through it like I'm new to the internet.

I searched for how to text for go train lost and found

Text? Really? Amazing.

Well I can text radio stations so why not GO?

Yes, why not GO?


Oh dear... amazingly, you managed to miss about three top ranking hits that were about GO Transit. I think at least one of those URLs are for lost and found. Yet, you pick my site. That... is ... amazing.

On my phone, I got a link that said Lost and Found GO Customer Service and there was a phone number to text.

K. I'm not in front of a PC right now but I can tell you that either you have no idea how to use Google or you just skimmed the page.

Wait, so you're not GO Transit?


What the hell? Why bother answering my text messages then!!!???

Well, that would be rude and why wouldn't I try to help?

Some help you are. Thanks a lot. All you've done is piss me right off. Thanks a lot. You know what? You're **amazing**. You're amazing that you're so stupid.


You are.


Do you have my hard drive??? No! that would have ended this B.S. right then.

When you calm down, I guarantee you, you will feel like the biggest jackass.

Ha. I doubt that.



Thursday, I got this email:

date Dec 1 2011 08:54 PM

Dear Ms. Smith

I am very sorry about how I behaved in my text messages to you dated from last Thursday. Understandably, I was upset and anxious. My hard drive has yet to be located but at least my data is fine. What was on the hard drive was a back up but it's not pleasant to lose your only back up.

I did backtrack in our text exchange and I did examine further how I came to "land" on your site. I wouldn't say I was skimming but in my haste to contact someone, I thought I had found a means. These days it's hard to tell what the best form of communication is but I can tell you, at the time, I was looking for the fastest. I saw that text messages could go to a number and I just went along.

I also have to apologize for not listening to you and to thank you for providing the information I needed. I just didn't "see" it.

I am now a fan on your website. I've been riding GO for three years and TTC for much longer. You've captured the sub-culture with humour and and a great deal of diplomacy. I also would like to extend my permission to share your text experience with me on your site. I see you haven't done so and I'm not sure what your reasons are but rest assured, I'm okay with it.

I'd like to make up for the way I behaved. How's dinner for two at a restaurant downtown? Your pick. Wait, not with me. With your husband or a friend. I can arrange to have a gift certificate couriered to your office or left with the reservation desk.


text message from 9054427423

to 1416868XXXX (Frank)
December 01 2011 09:22 PM

Hi. Got your email. I didn't publish the text exchange because I accidentally deleted all copies sent to my email in-box. I only had what was on my BB which meant physically re-typing the entire exchange or forwarding each one by one back to my email, which I figured I would do this weekend if I have time. Re: dinner. That is entirely unnecessary. I know you texted with the best intentions. You don't need to apologize or feel you have to make amends. I sort of ask for this by having this kind of content up there, right? Take care. No worries!

from 1416868XXXX (Frank)
to 19054427423
December 01 2011 09:41 PM

Are you sure? It really is no trouble.

I'm sure. Spend the money on a gift for a child this Christmas okay. Somewhere there's a kid that needs a Christmas morning more than I need a meal. Trust me.

You are too gracious.

Thank you. So are you. Keep reading and take care!


Bicky said...

Another classic. Thanks for sharing this one.

samantha said...

You are a gem.
If you see this, I also found this site via text messaging for lost and found. But I was smart enough to click the first google hit. But in your defence, when we lose something, we panic and panic clouds our common sense.

ExGOnowTTC said...

Full credit to him to admit his mistake. Most people wouldn't even bother. Shows some class.

Skin Man said...

Wow, just wow!

I was not expecting that ending! Amazing amount of class; no swearing in the heat of the moment and sincere contrition!

Another WIN!

Gary said...

I still think Frank SHOULD take you out to dinner. He needs to make up for calling you stupid.

Frank G. said...

C.J. is a stubborn woman. My wife went to Walmart yesterday and bought a Fur Real dog for my company's toy drive. Dinner's been spent.

lswgirl13 said...

I'd have taken the dinner Frank.

Kathy said...


We should have a hall of fame for text/email exchanges. Top awards for this one.