Thursday, December 29, 2011

Guest blogger - JM Smith, 6

My mommy rides the GO train and she works at the station but she is on vacation because Santa came!

Okay mommy says she goes to the station for Onions, what? I'm sorry that was an accident. She goes to Union Station and she works in a tower. The CN Tower? No, she says. It's an office tower with computers. She doesn't get to play games on her computer.

Mommy says people can be loud on the GO train.

I ride in a bus to school. We have to be quiet. BECAUSE THE BUS DRIVER SAID!

Every GO train should have a school bus driver and she will tell the people to be quiet.



Sylv said...

Onion Station? Yes, it does at times bring a tear to my eye ;)

Delia said...

These are hilarious! More! More!

C.J. Smith said...

She wants to draw a picture of the train for y'all.

Sylv said...

Is she as talented as her Mom?

Bicky said...

Yeah, a big burly bus driver to tell people to be quiet would be a delight some days.

Good job!