Friday, December 9, 2011

My dad has discovered text messaging

Dad: How come I can not text your website

Me: What are you trying to do?

Dad: I need to tell some people off

Me: Just use the computer

Dad: But I am mobile and I want to keep moving

Me: Where are you?

Dad: In the garage

Me: Dad, do you have auto-correct turned on?

Dad: What turned on

Me: Is it the iPhone you got from the board?

Dad: Yes

Me: What's that thing called again that Stephen Harper is in charge of?

Dad: The government

Me: No, where is it, what's it in?

Dad: Ottawa

Me: Wait, it's not auto-correct... You haven't figured out punctuation on that thing either, have you?

Dad: What

Me: Punctuation. You know !?"'

Dad: Comic book swearing

Me: What?!

Dad: Why did you ask me about Heathen Harper

Me: What's he in charge of?

Dad: Canada

Me: Dad, it starts with a "p"

Dad: Parlyment

Me: Okay, so your auto-correct is definitely off.

Dad: What is auto correct

Me: The iPhone will automatically correct your spelling for you. It's just that it can actually work too well and I don't want you falling prey to it.

Dad: How do you know it is off

Me: We also need to work on showing you punctuation. You know it's not working because you're writing like an upper-crust Englishman and even tho you are asking me questions, you haven't used a single question mark (?)

Dad: Why are you saying I can not spell

Me: Parlyment

Dad: What about it

Me: Dad it's not spelled that way

Dad: Okay smarty pants how is it spelled

Me: Parliament

Dad: I like the way I spell it

Me: It's wrong

Dad: Who cares

Me: I'm so putting auto-correct on that thing


lswgoer said...


Anonymous said...

Your Dad is hilarious! Wish I could get mine back...

purple rain said...

Where you been!?
You're awesome. I miss you in the comments.

Drumstick said...

He is right about one thing: Harper is a heathen!!!!

NewFlyerDriver said...

@ anon (this is NOT meant and disrespect, just meant for smiles)
"get him back"? better google lost and found on GO transit and then end up to txt CJ at "lost & found"

Jean-Baptiste aka The Crazy Acadian aka Dad said...

I was told I should go look at and I will. I hope you're all happy I interrupted my afternoon nap to come on here and tell you all I see everything you're writing and I'm ready to take on anyone who wants to mess with me.

For the record, my wife is someone who you don't say no to. A few people will know what I mean by that. I can't find the story it belongs to but it involved Cindy, I won't call her CJ which many of you probably don't know is actually pronounced "Siege" but I call her Cindy and her Flo Jo night.

C.J. Smith said...

I'm not sure I know who you're angry with. Far as I know, no one said anything to you or about you.

CJ Smith said...

For the record, I am not Jean-Baptiste's wife. I am his daughter.
Thanks for your emails.

Drumstick said...

Sounds like JP has had a few pints tonight! Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Lord knows I've tied a couple on!!!