Monday, December 19, 2011


Bryan Leis

$482 Monthly pass from Kitchener to Toronto on for 2 hours one way. NOT BLOODY LIKELY!

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lswgirl13 said...

The cost aside, who wants to sit on a train for 4 hours a day? I still don't get how people come in from Barrie AND it is NOT a suburb of Toronto!

Bicky said...

lswgirl13: believe it or not, people drive from Modesto, CA to San Francisco for work and that's almost 3 hours one way! What some people will do for their jobs, or to have a cheaper house....

TomW said...

VIA sell monthly passes at roughly twice the price, and not much quicker. People presumably buy them.

Also, GO sell monthly passes for all possible trips. You can get one form Peterborough to Niagara Falls for $992.