Thursday, December 8, 2011

Texts from a Gremlin

Well no wonder Gizmo doesn't make any sense! He only has two fingers and a thumb.
This gem of a text exchange happened tonight. My replies are in green.

From: 1289897XXXX
To: 19054427423
December 08 2011 10:57 PM

yui likr

From: 19054427423
To: 1289897XXXX
December 08 2011 10:58 PM


yoiu ae fgunnty an figedw oyt wdy i knjs jike

The hell? Are you texting and driving?

red nws hlrytous sdyoly grom vertnsm

Dude, that's not even English...


I see you've mastered the Stupid language

oprn bowsr and pste addres

Either you don't know how to spell or you're the world's crappiest texter

Reading your text messages is like waiting for a JPG to load circa 1996

I have to go paint my cat's nails. Catch ya later.

Bue GO can yur bus an i no how to grt iy back k?

Are you a Gremlin?

msg. mee l8r

smeby say yr this driday k bye

For the love of God, please don't eat after midnight. <-Click for the Gremlins movie plot


ExGOnowTTC said...

Oh look. Someone who types backwards and uses text language.

So funny i forgot to laugh.

C.J. Smith said...

Do you think the person was making a lame attempt to be funny or was legit with this mess?

Tim K. said...

Not sure what to make of the first comment either. I suspect this was legit but the person was awfully distracted. I bet you some reader will try to decipher it.

I laughed... with you CJ. :P

ExGOnowTTC said...

If you look at some of the words they've replaced one letter, some are written backwards and there's some text language thrown in too.
They were trying to be funny/clever. Failed on both counts.

Squiggles said...

Or maybe they were drunk. Too drunk to figure out what the little keys meant?

But, I had no clue what that deciphers as.

Drumstick said...

I'm thinking they were drunk too!

Vanessa said...

Even when I'm drunk I don't text as badly as this person!

This is why you text with one eye closed. Stops the room from spinning and from seeing double.

C.J. Smith said...

Go ahead and laugh at me Tim. S'ok.
Drunk, sure. But why drunk text me? Odd. Maybe the person thought he/she was texting a bus driver.

FRED said...

I am fluent in Stupid with a master's degree. Please, allow me:

You like kids?

You are funny and I figured out why I know I like you.

Read news yesterday only from Vietnam

Support them

Open a browser and cut and paste

GO Bus... Can your bus come here and how do I get back.

Message me later for the location.

Somebody said this is your Friday. Okay. Bye!

Bicky said...

Bravo, Fred! But the conversation still doesn't make sense.

FRED said...

I said I was fluent in Stupid not a master of Crazy.

Skin Man said...

This is interesting in it's oddness.

CJ did this all come at once, (i.e. minutes apart)? Or was it over several hours? It's the disjointedness that is so puzzling....

I guess we shouldn't try and figure out drunk texting, but I thought the person might have been messing with you .... in a very obtuse fashion.

kinda cool how many different types of text exchanges you get really!

C.J. Smith said...

This is why the text message headers have value people!

The texts came all in at once. I believe the person thought I was someone else.

I do find the texting is increasing as "fans" swallow their apprehension and engage me in conversation. That's cool and I encourage it. I help TomW with his evening crossword and Al keeps playing Polkaroo and Drumstick and Vanessa were breakfast mates recently. I may not respond right away but I do make an effort to reply to every one.

The obscure texts don't happen as frequently as one would think. Some are so short with no follow up, there's no value in their publication. Some are long but are humourless.

I like it when I get the crazy, angry, pissed off, can't read google to save their lives texters. I wish they'd text more.

walt said...

My 7 year old has, from time to time, kidnapped my wife's Blackberry and started randomly posting stuff to my wife's Facebook page. Even went as far as to write on other people's walls.

The thing is, the kid was still way, way more coherent than whatever that shit was that got flung at you.