Saturday, December 31, 2011

This Crazy Train's Year End Wrap Up

Originally I planned to do a Top 10 but with over 1,000 posts for 2011 I had no idea where to start. So I figured I'd go with the posts that are the most memorable for me, starting with our dear friend KP in a post entitled, "Don't make fun of drunk people. They sue (or so they threaten)".

Then there was the douche bag who absolutely believed that is an email address someone could eventually decipher and hands down, get the right person. Many enjoyed how I handled his ridiculous email to me (this one's a crowd favourite, folks).

The Google searches were amusing. Here's one: Could it possibly be called "Shout Out"?

Then there's the intimate train conversations that people broadcast with little or no filter: It ain't private if you're talking about it on the LSE 5:10 pm train

Oh, and the Valentine's Day present my hubby bought me one year: Not a sex toy

But let's not forget the insane and random text messages. The one I always chuckle at is the one with the guy who was pissed the ticket stamping machines weren't working. Or the girl who got upset over my chainsaw logo - for the version of the logo she was angry about, click here.

And lastly ... that wasn't chapstick.


Anonymous said...

I'm hurt you didn't ask us, the fans, what our favourite posts were!!!

C.J. Smith said...

Er ...


C.J. Smith said...

You can still tell me, ya know!

Anonymous said...

You covered the ones I would think are the best but I'm just surprised you didn't ask for suggestions first.

Skin Man said...

Is it a surprise that the first two were text exchanges? I think not - excellent choices!

Although anon is being annoying, it would be interesting to see what peoples choices would be. How about we send in our favourite and then give us the top 10 of 2011, or all time whatever.

Can't wait for more silliness, keep bring it CJ, you ROCK!

Drumstick said...

My fav was the Bust A Move text exchange. I was litterally howling when I was reading that b/c it was one of my fav song back in tha day!