Thursday, June 16, 2011

54 year old man exposes himself to Barrie passengers as train whips by him

Wow, did my inbox just light up tonight! Of course I'm posting this story!

Considering most people are in a coma on any given GO train on any given line on any given morning, it's impressive people were alert enough to notice a naked dude giving a ... er ... show at the side of the tracks

According to the Toronto Star and the Canadian Press, a man exposed himself to passengers on a train heading from Barrie to Union Thursday morning.

The incident happened as the train passed Mapleview Drive.

Passengers on the train called police in Barrie and reported a man kneeling and masturbating near the tracks. He was allegedly completely naked.

Police found the man and arrested him. His name wasn't released and he's due in court in August. Hopefully he picks out a nice tie to wear, huh? Right?



lswgirl13 said...

Anthony Weiner was in town???

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Bicky said...

Okay that picture was a jolt to the start of my Friday. I nearly spit oatmeal out my nose. Funneeee!