Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I like big butts and I cannot lie ... well, actually, yeah I can

There is a woman who gets on the 6:47 LSE from Oshawa at Pickering and proceeds to hold court with her friends while she stands in the aisle. This wouldn't be too hard to take, except she is so loud and obnoxious and she has earned the nickname MeMe by people in the rest of the car. She often travels with her daughter and they bicker back and forth (loudly) from Pickering to Union. She loves to wear short skirts and is always sticking her fanny into someone's face as she reaches for something in her backpack on the floor. Even the men are surprised when an unexpected bum nearly brushes their cheek! So if you want to feel the soft caress of an over-the-hill butt, be on the third car closest to the engine on the 6:47 LSE Oshawa-Union, east end of the car. She's there most mornings.

Tired of seeing the full moon


Anonymous said...

I could not have said it better myself. Although I could follow up with lots of crazy things that has transpired, I will limit it to just a couple. I overheard a man say that he had to change seats to a few up because "that lady" is getting on in Pickering. As per usual she spoke of herself to her group from Pickering to Toronto then as she was exciting the train she turned and said "oh and is everything ok with you guys"? Wow

Anonymous BM said...

It's too bad the picture isn't actually a picture of her and her daughter. I try to tune out the self centred talk about herself, and yes .... MEME is the perfect nickname for her because naturally EVERYTHING is always about her. This woman is in her late 50's and wears clothes that meant to be worn by someone in their late teens / early 20's. I don't think that she knows the meaning of the term "age appropriate". Oh, and her daughter .... a very very rude young woman, and with the way she wears her eye makeup ... it makes her look like she belongs in a psych ward.

Anonymous said...

All she talks about is her son's upcoming wedding and how she (and the daughter) can't stand his choice of wife. But for them it is all show, about having the best dress, the fur shoal, the Jimmy Chu shoes (which like the other shoes make an appearance out of the knapsack - - hence the bending over action. What a piece of work. Some call her "Mutton dressed up as Lamb". Josh Josh Josh, Joe Joe Joe, I I I...that's all we ever hear.

C.J. Smith said...

You know, I can make a web series out of this.

Anonymous said...

The butt in that pic is that of porn star Lucious Lopez. Perhaps that has something to do with the popularity of this post.